Scientific and Research Centre for Fire Protection – National Research Institute (CNBOP-PIB)

Scientific and Research Centre for Fire Protection – National Research Institute (CNBOP-PIB), PL is a research and training institute of the State Fire Service with 43 year-experience in ensuring general safety in the field of fire protection, civil protection and crisis management and carries out research related to innovative solutions in the field of civil protection.


CNBOP-PIB is the only institution of this type of in Poland.


Mariusz Feltynowski

Partner coordinator, Ph.D in sociology: defence, international cooperation, new technologies. Keep the position of INSARAG region of Europe, Middle East, Africa in 2014. He was mentoring Armenia, Czech Republic, Republic of South Africa. He was decimated by INSARAG secretariat for leading IEC/IER many times. He took part in 5 international rescue missions and as USAR team leader in Haiti and Nepal.


Aleksander Mirowski

Standard Operating Procedure expert, M.Sc. Eng., from 2011 he is senior specialist – rescuer in Municipal Headquarters of the State Fire Service. He took part in many national and international courses like: Technical Expert Course (TEC) Revinge Sweden, Basic Security in the Field II, Modules Basic Course (MBC) Revinge Sweden, Operational management Course (OPM) Volterra Italy and more. Despite young age he has been experienced in coordination of international rescue and humanitarian operations, awareness according to modules within EU Mechanism, Coordination & assessment expertise for international rescue and humanitarian operation and Rope rescue operations.


Marcin Pater

Senior Expert, M.Sc. Eng., National Centre for Rescue Coordination and Civil Protection in Poland. He is a firefighter with experience both as a first responder and member of national coordination staff. For many years he was responsible for preparation and training of rescue resources for international deployments. He was involved in overseas operations as deployed capacities’ key personnel (Czech Republic 2013, Slovenia 2014, Bosnia and Herzegovina 2014, Ukraine 2014, Nepal 2015). For the last 10 years he gained knowledge and experience in many international and national exercises in the role of participant, organizer and evaluator.


Michael Langner

Senior Standard Operating Procedure expert, M.Sc. Eng, He is experienced in Fire Safety Engineer graduated from Main School of Fire service as well as Engineering in Chemistry on Warsaw University of Technology. He has been working on coordination of international rescue and humanitarian aid, preparation of national and international exercises, cross border cooperation, team leader of USAR Poland and other civil protection modules (CBRNDET, HCP, GFFFV), CBRN expert (incl. emergency decontamination), Polish Aid project coordination.