The Conference, held at ISA, Istituto Superiore Antincendi of the Italian National Corps (CNVVF) in Rome closed the project activities. The wide participation included representatives of Central Directorates of the CNVVF, the Military National Airborne, the Department of Civil Protection, the Italian Red Cross and all the representatives of the beneficiaries (Timesis, CNBOP, FRB MSR). The closing remarks have been done by the Commander in Chief of the CNVVF, Fabio Dattilo. At the event were present also the first responders, interviewed in January 2018, the video-photo operators of CNVVF (CO.EM), the USAR representatives of each region and regional directors.


Final Conference in Rome (IT), organised by CNVVF and Timesis, is going to be held on 16th January 2020 and it will close the project. The Conference will be held at ISA, Istituto Superiore Antincendi.


The agenda of the event is available here: Agenda EASeR Conference Rome

Small-scale exercise to test procedures, IT

28 May – 2 June 2019

Assessment Teams from Italy, Czech Republic and Poland are going to test the Standard Operation Procedures for Italy and the Outline of Standard Operation Procedures – International in Sicily. Teams and staff will be involved in briefings since the 28 May while the exercise will start on 31 May.

About 200 experts and volunteers are involved at different levels from the Fire and Rescue Service (Central and Regional Directorates, Fire Departments), from local authorities (Municipalities of Poggioreale and Montevago), from military authorities. The activity is organised with the support of the Regional Department of Civil Protection that provides also volunteers as role-players and logistical support. An evaluation team as well as video-photo operators take part and will be present on site.

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Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Week (HNPW), UN OCHA, Geneva

4-8 February 2019
The project has been disseminated by CNBOP-PIB partner coordinator, Lt. Col. Mariusz Feltynowski and the video on “barrier effect” shown at the stand of one of the most important international event in the humanitarian sector organised by UN OCHA.

The event attracted about 2,000 people from the UN, non-governmental and governmental organizations, EU member states, private sector, military and scientific community, during individual thematic sessions and in the so-called exhibition area could discuss and solve common problems in the field of humanitarian aid to improve its implementation.

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Italian Chair at INSARAG Regional AEME Group

18 October 2018
Luigi D’Angelo, from the Italian Department of Civil Protection, Director of Emergencies along with Giuseppe Romano, General Director of the Directorate for Emergencies, Technical Rescue and Fire-Fighting of the Italian National Fire-Fighters Corp is the new Chair of the AEME (Africa, Europe, Middle East) Regional Group of INSARAG, UN OCHA from 2019.

On 18th October, in Aix-en-Provence the Italian representatives received the new appointment in the frame of the last AEME Regional meeting and presented several operational activities of the USAR teams. Giuseppe Romano shared with the audience the concept of “barrier effect” through an ad hoc video and the scope of EASeR project.


Final Workshop on SOP, Warsaw, PL

3-5 October 2018
The workshop will present the index for SOP- IT, outline for SOP -INT as well as Recommendations and General Criteria as source for development of SOP and Recommendations. Beside the experts from Czech Republic, Italy and Poland, USAR external experts from Switzerland and Turkey will participate as well as Civil Protection National Authorities.

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The Barrier Effect presented on the Italian National TV

1st August 2018
Giuseppe Romano, Director of Emergencies, Technical Rescue and Forest Fighting of the Italian National Fire-Fighter Corp presented the “Barrier Effect”at the most popular scientific program of Italy “Super Quark” on 1st August 2018, presented by the popular science journalist Piero Angela on Rai 1.
Link at (not available from outside Italy):
(from 1h:37m:12s to 1h:46m:50s)


Board of Experts Meeting in Pisa, IT

16 – 18 July 2018
The meeting will finalise the draft version of outlines/index for SOP- IT, SOP -INT as well as Recommendations in USAR operations referring to ASR1 and ASR2. These will be presented in Poland in October 2018. Experts from Czech Republic, Italy and Poland will participate.

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